Smith & Fong introduces FSC certified strand bamboo architectural plywood and flooring

November 17, 2010 — San Francisco, Calif. — Smith & Fong Co., manufacturer of Plyboo® bamboo architectural plywood and flooring, today announced the company has launched a new range of FSC certified PlybooStrand® bamboo plywood and flooring.

“Strand bamboo has long been popular among the architecture and design community for its performance and aesthetic qualities,” Smith & Fong president and founder Dan Smith said. “Adding FSC certification ensures managed forestry and the associated LEED MRc7 credit.”

Smith said FSC PlybooStrand plywood and flooring are both PlybooPure urea formaldehyde-free. This allows for certification of the plywood under SCS/Indoor Advantage Gold® and certification of the flooring under SCS/FloorScore®.

FSC PlybooStrand panels are available in 3/16”, ½” and ¾” thicknesses. The flooring is available in 3/8” and 9/16” thicknesses. Both applications are offered in the Havana, Sahara and Neopolitan finishes.

PlybooStrand® flooring planks and panels are manufactured through a process in which bamboo strips are compressed into a super-dense block. The composite material is then manufactured into planks and panels. No urea-formaldehyde is used in the production process. The result is a product of great beauty, durability and sustainable integrity.

Founded in 1989 and headquartered in San Francisco, Smith & Fong Co. was the first U.S. company to manufacture bamboo flooring in China for sale in North America, offering its initial product under the brand name Plyboo in 1993. In 1996 the firm began producing bamboo plywood, followed by coconut palm flooring and plywood products in 2000. Smith & Fong is committed to sustainability through innovation. For information call 866-835-9859 or visit

John McIsaac