Genentech a South San Francisco, CA based BioTech industry leader was interested in creating a wall feature in the entrance to their offices that would energize the staff as they arrived in the mornings and would sooth and calm them as the day drew to an end. Quite a high calling for a wall feature, but the designers at Flad Architects went to work with the concept and came up with the Circadian Light Wall. The concept behind the light wall is that it would follow natural circadian body rhythms starting with brighter colors in the morning to energize like the sun and as the day passed calm and relax with deeper warmer tones like the evening sky. For the surface and structure of the wall our Plyboo Sound A1 panel in natural was used as the surface perforations allowed the light to pass through creating this wonderful light effect.

South San Francisco, CA
Flad Architects
Sound Collection - A1

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Low emitting materials and certified wood.